Monday, September 28, 2009

Die to yourself so you can rise with Christ

"... God's love is so immense, its power so limitless, its embrace so tender and intimate, that Love Himself brings forth life.


... being configured to Christ means exposing the weakest parts of who we are so that God can make us strong; it means becoming blind to the ways of this world so that Christ can lead us; it means dying to ourselves so that we can rise with Christ."

-- Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers in his foreword to From Slave to Priest: A Biography of the Reverend Augustine Tolton by Sr Caroline Hemesath, OSF


Unknown said...

Great quote! " By our weakness, we are made strong!"

Thanks again for sharing!:)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quote, I love it. If we would only learn to surrender EVERYTHING to Jesus would we expierence TRUE Liberation. Dear Jesus teach us to die to self so that we may become more like you each day! Thank you Sister for this apostolate, it touches many lives! John K.