Monday, September 21, 2009

Excellent post on Hermann Cohen

Ms Vidal, from Fountain of Elias, has provided an excellent post on Hermann Cohen, also known as Fr Augustine Mary of the Blessed Sacrament. She refers to an article that is the best I have ever seen on him. Like Edith Stein, he is usually referred to by his birth name, as he was a very famous pianist prior to his conversion and entrance to Carmel. I recently posted excerpts from his writings, in case you would like to go back and check them out: You led me into solitude to speak to my heart and I invite you all to this Banquet of the Sacrament of His Love. I have another post from his writings scheduled for 28 September.

I encourage anyone suffering, because a friend or relative is living a rambunctious life, to pray to Fr Augustine Mary for their conversion. This prayer for his intercession is taken from The Story of Hermann Cohen by Tadgh Tierney, ocd.

Mary, Immaculate Virgin Mother, who at the grotto of Lourdes restored to health Fr. Augustine of the Blessed Sacrament that he might serve you faithfully in your Order of Carmel, obtain, we pray, from the Blessed Trinity the grace (mention your intention) through the intercession and merits of your devoted servant whose joy was to suffer for Jesus and to whom it was granted in answer to his heartfelt prayer, to consecrate his life in its entirety to God's will, service and glory.

Mary Mother of God, glorify, we beseech you, this your servant who through the redeeming power of Christ present in the Holy Eucharist, was brought to the knowledge of the Truth.

Make known, we pray, this apostle who was fired with devotion to the Sacrament of your son's love. May he bestow upon us, priests and laity alike, his burning zeal that the Divine Presence in the Eucharist be adored, the Mass celebrated with reverence and sincerity, Holy Communion received frequently and with devotion.

Grant that forthwith throughout the world and especially among your chosen people, Israel, there may be established the Eucharistic Kingship of the son of David, the Living Bread who came down from heaven in he womb of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

On a personal note, I am finally at my parents' home. According to my specialists I am to rest a lot, eat a particular diet, and take it easy while taking a lot of medications and supplements for at least three months. Then I need to go for a follow-up. I have a nice phamacopoeia... Thanks be to God, I am able to live a life of quiet and recollection at home, with a very nice collection of books for spiritual reading at my leisure. I am truly blessed. Please pray for all people suffering from chronic and catastrophic diseases, that they may have the support, especially spiritual, to withstand their times of trials and purification. The battles with health insurance companies to pay for treatments and tests are sometimes worse than the side effects and symptoms of the conditions suffered. We are the Church Militant, and as such we are called to pray for and help each other in our journey Home. God reward you for your prayers!

Finally, I recently came upon the book, Don't Trust the Abbot: Musings from the Monastery by Abbot Jerome Kodell. It is such a good read! I haven't finished it yet but it is definitely a pass-it-on type of book. It just came out, so I'll post a only few excerpts for your perusal, lest Liturgical Press comes after me with a vengeance.

Many blessings!

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pia49 said...

Dear ocd sister, I am going to take you at your word and pray to Hermann Cohen for my children, especially my son, who has lost his way and only survived a very serious road traffic accident by the grace of God.I know nothing of him but intend to read about him. I also have a daughter with a long term chronic, crippling illness.She's been ill since she was 9 and she's 26 now. I pray for you and all who face the daily struggle with illness. pia49