Friday, September 18, 2009

You led me into solitude to speak to my heart

"My adorable Jesus! You have led me into solitude to speak to my heart; nights and days pass delightfully in celestial conversation with your adorable presence with the sentiments of today's Communion of God with one of His poor creatures. I lovingly kiss the walls of my cell, where my thoughts are not perturbed, where I breathe only to love your divine Sacrament, where free from earthly ties, far from material affections, disentangled from the bondage of my senses, like a dove I fly to your Tabernacle, there to enjoy the light of your grace and burn in the flames of your love. At the salutary shade of that Tree of Life, I smell its flowers, I taste its fruits; I am enchanted by the sound of your voice; I rest, full of love and happiness, at the feet of my Beloved.

Let those that have known me in the past come here and realize that they neglect a God Who died for love of them. Come, you souls of the world, before this often despised Love; if you no longer see me seeking honors and applauses, it is because I have found glory and honor at the Tabernacle of the Blessed Sacrament. Let them come, my Jesus, let them feel how you change our heart!

O my poor friends of the world, if I never again sit at your sumptuous banquets, it is because I feed on immortality at another Banquet, and I exalt with the Angels of Heaven; it is because I have found the Supreme Good; yes, I have found my Beloved! He is mine. I possess Him, and no one will separate me from Him.

Pitiful riches, sad pleasures, empty honors! After my eyes saw the light, and my heart beat with the Heart of God, oh, how I wept at your blindness in pursuing things unable to satisfy your heart!

Come to this Celestial Banquet, prepared by the Eternal Wisdom; come, approach! Our Divine Savior is always present on His throne in our Churches waiting for you. Come to His feet, give Him your heart, and you will taste the sweetness of His love. - Jesus, my love! would that they knew how happy I am! If faith didn't teach me to believe in the blessedness of Heaven, I wouldn't think of happiness grater than this Eucharistic Love. Oh, delightful Peace, O beatitude, O joy!" -- Augustine Mary of the Blessed Sacrament, ocd

-- Herman, Flower of Israel by Don Amedeo Rodino

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