Saturday, September 19, 2009

I invite you all to this Banquet of the Sacrament of His Love

"In the Sacrament of His Love, Jesus is the only object of my life, of my songs, of my affection; to this Mystery I am indebted for all that I have...

My brethren, I invite you all to this Banquet. Once we taste it, all other food will be vapid! Young men of the world, I know your deceitful pleasures; I know of your pompous meetings that are resplendent for a moment and then followed by deadly sadness; I know what you are longing for; I have tasted your joys, and now I challenge you to deny that they leave behind anything but phantasms of sorrow and prostration!

Really, after feeding at this Table of the King of kings, all riches of the world are worthless to me. Since Jesus dwells within my soul, your palaces are miserable huts. Seeking light in the Tabernacle, all wisdom of the world is folly; sitting at the Spousals of the Lamb, all other feasts are gloomy; after reaching this port of salvation, I see you tossed on the ocean of human passions, but I can only wave my hand and call you to these shores. If you wish, I will be your pilot, for I know the seas and have endured many a tempest." -- Ven Augustine Mary of the Blessed Sacrament, ocd

-- Herman, Flower of Israel by Don Amadeo Rodino

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