Friday, September 11, 2009

Participate actively in this supernatural life: cooperate with divine grace

"The Word is life. And this life He pours out and causes to circulate, through the mysterious movements of grace, in the souls that He has come to save. Each of us must cooperate, therefore, with these motions of divine grace; each of us must participate actively in this supernatural life that is the certain pledge of life eternal.

As St Mary Magdalene affirms, 'My Word is the Lord of all things, including the souls of His creatures. Furthermore, He has wished to become like man in order to make man like Himself in the sight of His Father - this by means of our good works done in the grace of God. For just as Jesus, clothed in our mortal spoil, willed to perform the actions that we perform, vile and low though they be, in order that our actions might become His through the fruits that we were to draw from His, so it pleases Him to have us imitate His actions in as far as this is possible, so that in the sight f His Father our actions may appear to be those of Jesus and thus, because they would seem to be the actions of His only-begotten Son, they would be dear to the Father and accepted by Him.'

Now, 'this Divine Man has sown in His field,' that is, in redeemed man, 'a good seed,' namely, the holy Gospel. This seed is similar to so many 'little grains of the finest gold (that fall) into the earth where my Beloved sows, scilicet, into the soul of each creature... And this divine seed of His holy words proceeds from the mouth of my Bridegroom.'

The Word sows His seed by means of the preachers who continually and abundantly scatter the seed of the Word in souls. 'And just as the material seed, after it has been sown, belongs more to the earth than to the farmer who sowed it, so the word of God, I mean His words, belongs more to the one who hears than to the one who preaches. For, the one who preaches has as his principal purpose the teaching of the word, while the one who hears ought to have as his immediate goal the following out and the putting into practice of what he hears.'

Still, this earth of the human soul will not produce fruit from the preaching save in the measure in which the soul has been previously 'moistened by Your most precious blood, O my Jesus, that flowed so abundantly from Your sacred wounds... The earth of Calvary was touched and inebriated by the blood of Christ, yes, to be sure. But much more has the earth of our heart been inebriated with divine love by the shedding of that same blood... Oh, what a sweet inebriation is this blood of my Word! Oh, that I were always thus inebriated, that I would always feel my heart within me overcome with what warmth of divine love and that I would not mind appearing foolish and mad with love! O love, O blood, O love!'"

-- Secrets of a Seraph: The Spiritual Doctrine of Saint Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi by Rev Salvator Thor-Salviat, AA, STD

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