Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Followers gadget not working properly

I just noticed that the gadget that shows the followers and allows readers to join the blog is not working properly. I have reported the problem to Blogger, but you can also help by letting them know which blogs are also giving you this problem. The reporting form is found here. It only takes seconds to fill out, and you may leave blank whatever you don't know how to answer. It seems that there are many blogs having this problem since early September.

The Recent Comments feature is apparently not working, either. I'll see what I can do about that as time allows. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience while these bugs are fixed.


Mary N. said...

Thanks! I was wondering about this. I went ahead and filled out a report, too.

CMNA said...

Same problem here.Also filled out the report. Thanks!

ocd sister said...

I've been following updates on this problem and a blogger mentioned that he/she could see their followers using Firefox 3. I upgraded my browser and, indeed, the followers are showing; but my columns are all distorted. We'll see if tomorrow the followers are still visible. I'm surprised that the followers cannot be seen even with Chrome, a browser developed by the Google team. Anyway... Warm welcome to the newest public followers!