Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pray that His will become yours and you will do everything

"It is by prayer that we enter into the Divine Plan. Prayer itself is a part of the Divine Government. In His almighty power and wisdom God ordained from the beginning that the men He would create would be like Himself with spiritual powers of intelligence and will. Then He made them His children by grace, desiring that they become capable of assisting Him in governing all creation. He gave Adam mastery over Paradise and thus over the whole world of created nature... so that Adam would be like his Father. God wanted His sons and daughters to take their place in mature government, and become in turn lords of the world.

We govern with God the more we become like Him. We become like Him by doing His will to the extent that it is our will. When His will and ours is one we take on the power of God Himself. The work of making the Divine will ours is the work of faith and prayer. The first devotion of all devotions is to the will of God. We meditate on the works of God in creation and in history in order to see what God has done, and our reflections fill us with images of what He must be like. We mediate on Scripture, especially the Gospel, to understand His work in the redemption and what He requires of us in order to partake of that redemption. We praise Him for His works and for His grace; we adore Him and bless Him in prayer and we then petition Him for what we need... but all our needs can be summed up in one which is the grace of all graces: the grace to do His will, for by that we are doing everything."

-- The Pathways of Prayer: Communion with God by Sr Immaculata, ocd

N.B. A reader asked if Sr Immaculata is in my community. She isn't, but I think most of us cloistered nuns know about her excellent small book.

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May I respectfully ask ~ are you a cloistered contemplative discalsed Carmelite? I am a member of an active community.

Thank you!