Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Believe without reservation and trust in His mercy

You cannot make an act more pleasing to God than to absolutely believe, without reserve, in His kindness, in His love, that you trust in His mercy. That is what glorifies Him the most! Trust in His Court, in His good Heart.

Vous ne pouvez pas faire d'acte plus agréable à Dieu que de croire absolument, sans réserve, à sa bonté, à son amour, que de vous confier en sa miséricorde. C'est cela qui le glorifie le plus ! Confiez-vous à Son Cour, à Son bon Coeur.

-- Père Jacques of Jesus, ocd

N.B. Not on the Eucharist, but still a wonderful thought by Père Jacques that would make a nice holy card.

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ocd sister said...

A note/request to readers:

If any of you live near or will be going to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, they have a letter from Père Jacques to his friend Fr Maurice Lefèvre, ocd (dated 21 Sept 1939) displayed. I would be most grateful for a photo of this letter, if at all possible. Please don't make a special trip for this. Thanks!