Friday, August 7, 2009

Books by/about Bl Elisabeth of the Trinity

A few days ago, one of the readers asked about what books were available by or about Bl Elisabeth of the Trinity. Personal note: I usually spell her name in French (with an "s") to distinguish her from other Elizabeths such as St Elizabeth Ann Seton, St Elizabeth of Hungary, etc.

There are a number of books available in English, some of them are unfortunately out of print in the USA. This list doesn't include books where Bl Elisabeth is a "secondary" theme, such as general books of saints, etc. There's only one book I'm not familiar with listed here, the new biography with excerpts by Sr Marian Teresa. I've included it since, from what I gathered online, it seems like a good book. In case you're wondering, I'm a hopeless, incorrigible bookworm.

The underlined titles are what I personally consider the best of the best. If you have never read anything about Bl Elisabeth and would like to get started, I suggest you begin with Reminiscences (in the biography section) or volume 2 of the collected works (her letters).

If you read other languages, particularly French and Spanish, I'm able to provide even more titles, including some treasures that have not been translated into English (yet?). If there're any questions or comments, feel free to post a comment or e-mail me.

Enjoy your reading!

Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity : Major Spiritual Writings (Volume 1)

Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity: Letters (Volume 2)

Praise of Glory : Reminiscences of Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity, a Carmelite Nun of Dijon, 1901-1906 (1914)

Let Yourself be Loved Eugene McCaffrey

Elizabeth Still Speaks: Words of Blessed Elizabeth of The Trinity as related by witnesses in the process of her beatification

Your Presence is my Joy: Life and Message of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity by Conrad de Meester

He Is My Heaven : The Life of Elizabeth of the Trinity by Jennifer Moorcroft

Elizabeth of the Trinity : Always Believe in Love, Selected Spiritual Writings by Marian Teresa Murphy, O.C.D. **
*NEW* I haven't read this one yet.

Spiritual Doctrine of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity : Apostolic Contemplative by Luigi Borriello

The Spiritual Doctrine of Elizabeth of the Trinity by M M Philipon

Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity. A Carmelite Nun of Dijon 1901-1906. An Introduction to her Life and Spirituality by Larkin Thomas

Two Sisters in Spirit : Therese of Lisieux and Elizabeth of the Trinity by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
**very good book**

Light Love Life : A Look at a Face and a Heart by Conrad De Meester
**picture book with excerpts from her writings*

Learning to Pray: According to Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity by Jean Lafrance

Pledge of Glory: Eucharistic Meditations based on the Prayer of Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity by Dom Eugene Vandeur

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