Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It is a tremendous grace to climb the mountain for souls

"There is a vocation to suffer with Christ and thereby cooperate with him in his work of salvation. When we are united with the Lord, we are members of the mystical body of Christ: Christ lives on in his members and continues to suffer in them. And the suffering borne in union with the Lord is his suffering, incorporated in the great work of salvation and fruitful therein. That is a fundamental premise of all religious life, above all of the life of Carmel, to stand proxy for sinners through voluntary and joyous suffering, and to cooperate in the salvation of humankind.


We too are in via, for Carmel is a high mountain that one must climb from its very base. But it is a tremendous grace to go this way. And, believe me, in the hours of prayer I always remember especially those who would like to be in my position. Please help me that I may become worthy to live in the inner sanctorum of the church and to represent those who must labor outside."

Edith Stein: Self Protrait in Letters 1916-1942 translated by Sr Josephine Koeppel, ocd


Anne said...

Oh, Edith Stein, what a beautiful and holy woman. These are beautiful and holy words. Thank you so much, Sister, for this blog and these postings that lift my heart up to God.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I know very little about St. Edith Stein, but what little I have read,is very deep and inspiring. The text of today, is beautiful, how I wish I could imitate the example of the Saints. They are "shinging stars" in this dark world.

Thru the intercessions of our friends in Heaven, (the Saints) pray for us and help us on our journey to Heaven.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful postings with all of us to grow in our faith and love for Jesus the Good Shepherd. I continue to keep you in prayer dear Sister! John K.

Mary N. said...

How beautiful! We are so blessed to have such great saints as these!