Friday, August 7, 2009

At each moment resolve to fulfill God's will, and you can live in perpetual communion with Him

"We can live in perpetual communion with Love by making ourselves one with His will. May the divine will never find resistance in our soul. There must always reign in our soul a faith-filled spirit. Amid this pure air, the voice of God which should always rule over us is never lost. May our soul be like a participation in Him. God within Himself always accomplishes what He wills. May we, lost as insignificant things amid His immensity, also accomplish everything He desires. How shall we become more like Him except by doing His divine will? In loving and embracing it, we love and embrace a good that is infinitely pleasing to God; a good that contains within itself eternal reason; a good in which eternal wisdom is present; a good in which there is infinite power; a good in which there is present, in a condensed way, all the love and holiness of our God. In carrying out that good, are we not working together with God? And in working as God would have us, we are another God. In a word, we become Him.

For this reason, we must put up with everything, love everything as an expression of the will of God who wishes to sanctify us, for Jesus Christ has already told us that it is God's will that we be holy. And I think that the way most suited to our miserable condition is to look to the present, that is, at each moment to resolve to fulfill God's will perfectly accepting everything He sends us, whether prosperity or adversity, whether proceeding from ourselves, from circumstances around us, or from other people."

-- Letters of Saint Teresa of Jesus of the Andes translated by Fr Michael D Griffin, ocd

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sister, Thank you so much for this posting today. Santa Teresa de Jesus de Los Andes words are so full of Truth and Wisdom. I have loved her since first learning about her on EWTN that shown a movie about her life and spirituality! How I wish I could have that kind of faith that she so beautifully lived during her brief life.

In many ways I find her writings on the same level as Ste. Therese de Lisieux. Both Saints are very special to me. Again, Thank you for this beautiful lesson today. Viva Santa Teresa de Los Andes!!! Reuga por Nosostros!!! John K.