Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I should live only by seeing God and my soul in all things

"I felt a strong impulse to go to prayer. I began with my spiritual Communion but in making my thanksgiving my soul was dominated by love. One by one the perfections of God were presented to me: His goodness, His wisdom, His immensity, His mercy, His holiness and justice. There was a moment when I did not know anything. I felt that I was in God. When I contemplated the justice of God, I began to be fearful. I would have wanted to flee or to hand myself over to His justice. I saw hell, whose fire was enkindled by the anger of God, and annihilating myself I begged for mercy and felt that I was filled with it. I saw how horrible a thing sin is. I want to die before committing it. I promised to see God in His creatures and to live in great recollection. He told me to strive to be very perfect and in a practical way He explained to me each one of His perfections. I should do all my actions with perfection so that between Him and me there would be unity, since I would not have it if I did something imperfect. Afterward I remained as though not knowing what was going on in my head, and I was afraid to present myself before the others, because I believed I still had something that would make me conspicuous. I believe that more than an hour went by. In the evening I did not have much fervor but I was recollected.


I made my prayer. I felt love and union with God, but I had very little recollection. For a long time I kept on without thinking of anything. I just remained there passively receiving the rays of the Divine Sun. Our Lord asked that I should obey through faith. He told me that He desired for me the greatest purity possible. I should live without worrying about things of the body, as though the body did not exist. I should look for no comfort. I should live only by seeing God and my soul in all things... Afterward I felt the pain of separation and even fear of such an austere life that I am going to live. But then I grew calm by putting my confidence in God." -- St Teresa of the Andes

-- God the Joy of my Life by Fr Michael D Griffin, ocd


Anonymous said...

Thru prayer and sacrifice may the Holy Spirit ignite more fervently within my own soul a greater love for Jesus and to offer up everything to Him united with His sufferings for the salvation of souls. Jesus teach me to be more humble and silence the noise within my soul, so that I may hear your gentle voice bidding me to daily conversion!

Jesus and Mary keep you Sister and your entire community near their Sacred Hearts!! Thank you for having this aposotlate so that our souls may be inspired to love Jesus more! John K.

Anonymous said...

If only we could be aware how much God loves us
we would not want to do anything to hurt Him. We need to live remembering each moment that we are in His presence, even if we do not feel it or feel particularly holy. How much we would excell
in holiness if we did this. As our Great Mother
says, even in doing the dishes do all for the
Glory of God.
St.T.M. O.C.D.S. Thank you for this.