Monday, September 28, 2009

Eucharistic King, You changed my life and made my soul hungry for the Bread of life

"O Jesus, my Eucharistic King! In the desert of my life you appeared to me, you manifested your splendor, your greatness, your beauty. You changed my life, and dispersed all my enemies; you made my soul hungry for the Bread of life, and thirsty for your precious Blood. Well I remember the day you gave yourself entirely to me, my heart was beating fast, and I could hardly breathe. I feared that my excitement would disturb you while resting within my soul. Now that I possess you, let me say what I find in you.

Jesus Christus Hodie! Jesus Christ is today in the Divine Eucharist. Can we pronounce this word without feeling a sweet honey on our lips? A burning fire through our veins? Divine Eucharist! Our tongue is inarticulate; only our hearts have a secret sigh: Jesus Christ today!

I am weak today; I need help from above to stand on my feet; Jesus, coming from heaven, is made Bread of the strong. I am poor today; I need a shelter, and Jesus becomes the House of God, the celestial threshold, the Eucharist.

I am hungry and thirsty today; I need food to restore my heart, and Jesus becomes Wheat of the elect. Yes, I love Jesus, I love the Eucharist. Jesus today, means Jesus with me! This morning, at the altar, He came to me; He is mine, I adore Him. Tenui eum nec dimittam."** -- Ven Augustine Mary of the Blessed Sacrament, ocd

-- Herman, Flower of Israel by Don Amedeo Rodino

**"I have taken hold, and I will not let go." From the Song of Songs.

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