Friday, August 14, 2009

Peaceful abandonment: our greatest gift to God

"Abandonment to the will of God simplifies our whole lives and the interior of our souls. It does not mean leaving aside human effort, common sense, normal foresight or careful planning. It means we give ourselves freely to His Word. It is the surrender to the impression of the Divine Word in our lives as Jesus surrendered to it. Even though He always was the Divine Word from eternity, He became the Word in the flesh of human nature in order to show us how to carry out the word in a world that is always putting up obstacles against it. We can do nothing greater than to give ourselves completely to Him so that He can live again in us to carry out His own will.

Peaceful abandonment; there is no greater gift to God. It is the crowning of our lives and the highest tribute to the Divine Majesty. It is the greatest worship, the worship Jesus asked for 'in spirit and truth.' It makes our whole life an act of worship and adoration no matter what we do. It is what the Lord asked when He said: 'Abide in My love'... remain in it, and you will have done everything to please Me. It is the one thing necessary."

-- The Pathways of Prayer: Communion with God by Sr Immaculata, ocd


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful post Sister! This subject has really been on my mind and I have been reflecting so much on it and the Holy Spirit keeps leading me to all these wonderful bits of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Sister, Thank You for this beautiful and deeply moving message of today. True and Lasting Peace only comes from silencing all the "noise and clutter" from our lives and tuning ourselves into the promptings of the Holy Spirit and responding to the will of the Father.

Today, many people are broken and trying to fill that empty space with transitory things that only lead to dissappointment and a endless search for the next thing that will bring them "happiness." so they believe. Regretably,I have been caught up in this trap as well, but Thank God I am slowly learning and surrendering my self to God. I am in need of much pruning these attachments and replace them with things that will lead me to Jesus and conform myself to His designs.

I hope you are doing well Sister.I continue to remember you in my humble prayers and sacrifices for your intentions and those of your community.
Jesus and Our Lady keep you! John K.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Thank you, Sister, for this wonderful collection of resources. As for abandonment, yeah, when we don't fight God's will, how marvelous the outcome. I have also personally found that even when I fight it, He wins! ;) I'm learning to give in earlier, rather than later!