Sunday, July 19, 2009

Listen with your heart

"The world of the spirit is not bound by the laws of time and space anymore than it is bound by the law of gravity. The saints were like time travelers who, through the vehicle of God's grace, moved through time into eternity and returned to chart spiritual directions for those who were to journey after them. Like our earthly travels, no two trips are alike. The road is the same, and the landmarks are the same, but the experiences along the way are different for each soul.

It is reassuring to know that we have the teachings and traditions of the Church, and the ancient heritage of Carmel, to keep us on the right path, for God often draws us to Himself in 'a cloud of unknowing,' and asks us to take the first steps to Him in faith. Many souls are searching for a deeper spirituality, but are not clear in their minds how God is leading them. It is a lifetime journey, and He reveals His plans one step at a time. If we learn to 'listen with our hearts' we gradually come to know God's will for us. In silent, expectant waiting, we try to learn God's plan, not convince Him of ours. 'Enough for me to keep my soul tranquil and quiet like a child in a mother's arms.' (Ps 131:2) 'I sleep but my heart watches.' (Sg 5:2)"

-- Welcome to Carmel edited by Fr Michael D Griffin, ocd

If you haven't done so yet, read and learn about the saints and blesseds that the Church presents to us as models of sanctity. Though their lives may have been very different from yours, their goal was the same as yours: attaining union with God. Choose one, two , three, or however many you feel drawn to, and learn from their experiences and love for God and souls. Seek their intercession and your life will surely change.


aspiring... said...

So many points in your whole post are reassuring. I am 'better' for having read it. This is the excerpt that especially 'lights up' for me this morning. "The world of the spirit is not bound by the laws of time and space anymore than it is bound by the law of gravity..."

Thinking 'out loud.' Prayer and atonement being of this unbound spirit world, are themselves then not bound by laws of time and space. In otherwords, communion and relationsip with God are secure but only dependent on oneself. They only shift when we shift. They only change when we change. Like a shadow? I like that imagery! Our state of prayer and atonement are shadows of us.

Another thought: the world of spirit can seem like a wonderland to me ! - in a good way :) - when consoled or informed.

And yet another thought: that the world of spirit is not bound to the sensibilities of others may be why our faith life can seem unreasonable to them.

Linda said...

I am wondering if the priest at Mass this afternoon read your post. lol. Talking about all the journey's we can have just sitting at Mass and letting our thoughts be free to sit and be still and let God lead us in our prayers and thoughts.
God bless you,