Friday, July 24, 2009

Feast of the Blessed Martyrs of Guadalajara

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Three Blessed Martyrs of the Carmel of Guadalajara, Spain. The general story (albeit, greatly simplified and some minor errors in details) may be found here. Some generally unknown details (privilege of those of us in "the loop") include:

  1. There was a fourth sister martyred. Her name was Sr Inés (Agnes) of Jesus. She was elderly and very ill and was forced in one of the "death marches". She died somewhere along the road. Because there weren't many details about her death, the Guadalajara sisters could not include her in the cause for beatification. However, she is considered a martyr by the community.
  2. Sisters Maria Pilar and Maria Angeles were not as young as depicted on the banner above. Yes, the painting is accurate, but they were portrayed as much younger sisters.
  3. Sr Teresa, the youngest (on the left), has a brother that, as of two years ago, would still visit the sisters in the Guadalajara Carmel.
  4. Sr Maria Pilar's blood sister, Mother Maria Araceli of the Blessed Sacrament, was prioress at the time of martyrdom. Years later, she would go to her younger sisters' resting place in the monastery, and tap the reliquary containing the remains with her walking stick saying, "Pilar! Pilar, listen to me, you hear! I need..."
  5. The chapel of the monastery had been turned into a military garage during the war. The tank marks can still be seen on the chapel's floor to this day.
  6. Sr Maria Pilar, who was brutally stabbed, was taken to a local pharmacy for help. The table in which she was placed and eventually died in, is now in the monastery and venerated as a relic.
  7. After the sisters fled the monastery various people invaded the monastery. Sheeps were kept in the parlor; wood was burned (for heat) in the cells (rooms) and some smoke marks are still visible 70 yrs later.
Bl Martyrs of Guadalajara, pray for us!

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