Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Silence of Action

"To pause in order to better understand the meaning of our actions; to avoid being submerged and
distracted by an abundance of things to do; to discern our motivations hidden in our activities and to
know how to choose what is essential. For the danger is always there to let ourselves be carried away
by our precipitation and neglect love. The frenzy of the present moment hides us from a profound and
free awareness of the meaning of life, by making us « surf » on the wave of our being. The silence of
action allows us to discern where God wants us now for the good of our surroundings and of society.

For the monk, the silence of action is also an awareness of ones actions, it is living the present moment
which contributes to ones inner calm and to the silence of the monastery by making as little noise as

-- Twelve degrees of silence by Sr Marie-Aimée de Jésus, ocd

** Sr Marie-Aimée (1839-1874) was a discalced carmelite in Paris who died in the odour of sanctity. She entered the Carmel on Avenue de Saxe (Paris) on 27 August 1859. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, Sr Marie-Aimée supported her sisters by her quiet confidence and unalterable inner prayer. Despite poor health, in her later years of life she took care of the novices. She died of pleurisy on 4 May 1874. Sr Marie-Aimée's community was exiled in Beligium in 1901 due to the Law of Associations (passed in July 1901) which was aimed at controlling and persecuting religious orders in France. The Church was greatly persecuted between the years 1901-1907. In 1920 the community refounded in Créteil near Paris. At present, the only discalced carmelite monastery in Paris is in Montmartre, behind the great Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

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