Monday, October 25, 2010

The sign of the cross

"I believe that if our signs of the cross were always made as if in the presence of God, rather than as if we were chasing away flies, they would open for us the heart of God. Each sign of the cross brings us nearer to God. For each sign of the cross well made, there is one added degree of eternal glory. Each sign of the cross made with devotion deposits within your heart another degree of love, which you would not have had without it."

-- Fr Almire Pichon, SJ

** Fr Pichon was the spiritual director of St Thérèse and the Martin Family in Lisieux.


aspiring... said...

A note of thanks for recent posts... "thanks :)"

Anne said...

I love the pictures with these wise words. I will try to take my time in praying the sign of the cross instead of merely chasing flies!

Unknown said...

I think we sometimes forget that the sign of the cross is a prayer. I have done my share of fly chasing as well.
Thanks and God bless!