Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adore, O my soul, adore in silence

"Loves in Jesus, then, with Him and in Him; adore, praise abandon yourself to the movement of His Sacred Heart, as Jesus abandons Himself. Repeat with Him: Father, my Father, holy Father, just Father, behold me; I am Thine, I give myself entirely to Thee; I desire naught but Thee, nothing else, but all of that...

And Thou, O Jesus, my God, fulfill Thy sublime, incomparable prayer, the prayer which Thou alone could have the divine audacity so to express:

'Father, this soul whom Thou hast given Me, whom Thou dost sanctify, at this instant, in the Truth that I am, I will that where I am, in Thy bosom, she may be with Me; and that thus she may see My glory, that glory which Thou didst give Me unceasingly when Thou dost engender Me.

'This glory I give to her as the Life eternal that I am in Thee, that she may share, together with all who are hers, in Our oneness; that the Love with which Thou hast loved Me, the Spirit uniting and consummating Us, may be in her; and that I Myself may be in her what I am in Thee, the object of Thy complacency.'

This is already far beyond my comprehension. But these thoughts immerse me in the Three, and I adore within me the living, true, eternal God.

Adore, O my soul, adore in silence. Leave yourself and all things. How good, were it only for a few moments, to have escaped each morning, from this world where one is forever dying, to drink one's fill of the life that never ends!

Adore and be still; and never will your silence be more fruitful. It re-echoes the silence of God the Father generating His Son, His Word, consubstantial with Himself, in the Love which binds them together, Father and Son; while simultaneously, it encompasses you in Their ineffable unity."

-- Pledge of Glory: Meditations on the Eucharist and the Trinity by Dom Eugene Vandeur 

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pia49 said...

Thank you for beautiful words of Dom Eugene Vandeur.They are just taior made for me today. With gratitude and prayers. pia49.