Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I carry the souls of all those who are to be saved in My Heart

"Whoever starts on a long and difficult course must gather his garments closely round him so as not to be retarded. In this way I united Myself closely with human nature and liability to pain, reducing the length of eternity to the shortness of man's life here below. I darted forward as a giant, in all his strength, having this difficult and painful course to run, wherein I should accomplish the redemption of mankind. Again, he who carries something precious and of great value girds himself carefully, for fear he should lose it, so I am carrying the precious treasure, man's soul, and have girded Myself with care, and I carry the souls of all those who are to be saved, with love and untold desires, in My Heart."

-- Words of Jesus to St Mechtilde

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Karinann said...

What beautiful words by our Savior and also a beautiful image of His carrying our souls.
Thank you for sharing this and God Bless!