Friday, June 25, 2010

Make me Yours always

“I keep myself closely united to Our Lord within the home of my soul.  Whenever I go out on the street or to the theater or to take a walk, I tell Our Lord: “My Jesus, although perhaps no one here is thinking about You, but here is a heart that belongs completely to you.  I adore You, I love You.  Make me Yours always.”  In this way I keep myself recollected and removed from worldly things and every time we must go out, we must promise to remain united to Our Lord in the cells of our souls.”

-- From a letter from St Teresa of the Andes to Mother Angelica Teresa, prioress of the Monastery of the Holy Ghost in Los Andes, Chile

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Sor.Cecilia Codina Masachs said...

Sólo un gran amor apasionado nos hace estar en diálogo permanente con Aquel que amamos y nos dejamos enteramnente seducir hasta perder el sentido del tiempo.
Quedarse a solas sola con Dios es una experiencia que es mejor que la miel. Quedarse atrapada en su hermosura ya nos es más que suficiente , nuestra alma y cuerpo ya no lo pueden soportar.Bendito sea el Señor con sus dones mi amiga mónica. Quédate sola a soloas con él.
Un beso