Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life unfolds as an ongoing process

"A spiritual biography attempts to lay bare the outline of the growing awareness of God's 'working' in a human life. It is the history of the struggle to accept oneself out of God's hand and hence also the history of blockages, fears, and repressions. In many ways, after all, we hold all sorts of things at bay in the hope of saving ourselves by the skin of our teeth: We want to understand and control, plan and organize our life. We resist the 'uncertainty' of the unmerited  miracle of a life when we dare entrust ourselves to the mystery of the creative hand of God. Having been created after God's image, life unfolds as an ongoing process in which we progressively grow towards complete likeness with this image. In that way we become the persons we essentially are. For God to see, after all, is the same as to create and love. A spiritual biography, accordingly, describes the growing consciousness which God's mysterious 'working' brings into light. This is the story of the indescribable miracle which occurs in a person 'in life as it is.'"

-- Encountering God in the abyss: Titus Brandsma's spiritual journey by Constant Dölle

** Photo from pixdaus

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Telesia said...

Touches my heart..thank you.