Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your sufferings have saved many souls on the field of battle

"More than ever, I understand that the smallest events of our life are conducted by God; He is the One who makes us desire and who grants our desires..."

"Let us work together for the salvation of souls; we have only the one day of this life to save them and thus to give the Lord proofs of our love. The tomorrow of this day will be eternity, and then Jesus will restore to you a hundredfold the very sweet and very legitimate joys that you sacrificed for Him. He knows the extent of your sacrifice, He knows the suffering of those dear to you increases your own, but He also suffered this martyrdom. To save our souls He left His Mother, He saw the Immaculate Virgin standing at the foot of the Cross, her heart transpierced by a sword of sorrow. "

"With all my heart I thank God for having left you on the field of battle in order that you may win numerous victories for Him; already your sufferings have saved many souls. Saint John of the Cross has said: 'The smallest movement of pure love is more useful to the Church than all other works put together.' If it is so, how profitable for the Church must be your pains and trials since it is for the love of Jesus alone that you suffer them with joy."

From the letters of St Thérèse of Lisieux

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