Saturday, October 31, 2009

Remain open to the unexpected

"God doesn't always send long-term solutions in response to our needs but often only little boosts, 'just for today.' That is enough for us to go on, provided we have confidence in God.

Following the small flame of faith, hope, and love that burns in the heart, the soul feels as secure as if it walked in broad daylight. Let us follow the indications arising from the humble acts of faith, hope, and love the Holy Spirit inspires us to make daily. We cannot go wrong in believing, hoping, and loving. God speaks today for today. We can't know what we will be called to do five or ten years from now. Knowing what we should do today is enough.

Someone with this attitude possesses flexibility and detachment. It is not good to want always to be in charge of one's life and to be rigid in scheduling as a result. To be sure, it's desirable to have an organized life and an orderly agenda, but only while remaining open to the unexpected. If we are too locked into our plans, we are in danger of missing God's calls."

-- Called to Life by Jacques Philippe

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

And if we live the life WE plan -- which I think is entirely possible -- we miss out on the better life that God plans.