Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's been brought to my attention that over the past several weeks a number of OCDSs have been using the blog as a spiritual resource. This is very flattering, considering that the closest OCDS group I have is about 4 hours away by plane.

If you are a new reader, OCDS or otherwise, welcome to louange de sa gloire! I hope you enjoy the blog. I have mentioned this in the past, but I'll repeat it for those who may have missed it: if you're looking for something in particular, please let me know. I may be able to help. I have an extensive Carmelite collection, and a decent Scriptural / Spiritual one. I cannot promise to be able to post something, but I'll try my best, especially if it's Carmelite. I don't know about the OCDS formation program, but if I can help those of you who belong to that part of the Carmelite family, please let me know via e-mail. If you ask for something and don't see anything posted in a couple of weeks or so, please remind me. If you have your own blog and would like to copy some of the material I post here, feel free to do so. I would appreciate if you quote or link me back and let me know, but I will not go "after you" if you do not. I am more concerned with doing what little I can to help spread God's love and mercy through spiritual works than with ratings.

I have been very blessed by the good Lord in more ways than I can imagine. When I used to study and then work, I spent my "leisure money" on Carmelite and catholic books. When I had to travel overseas due to work, instead of going to checkout the "night scene" or waste my money on vanities, I would go to monasteries, catholic churches and bookstores. My friends who are Carmelites in other monasteries (most of them 200 or more years old) would also share with me from their treasures. Over time, I accumulated over 1000 wonderful books, most of them Carmelite. It is not surprising that I have a "book blog". I come from a family of readers, so you can imagine what my parents' house looks like. *grin* (Some people want CD players for Christmas - we want bookshelves! *laugh*)

In a society that is thirsty for God, I think it is unfortunate that there aren't more Catholic bookstores with solid books in their shelves. Piety, tradition and doctrine have been replaced by new age, modernism and relativism. With God's grace, you will not find any of that in this blog - ever. Some of you may be in my current situation - essentially homebound and without access to daily mass. But there's personal prayer and spiritual reading to help satiate our thirst for God.

Whether you decide to join as a public follower or remain anonymous, enjoy your spiritual break. Please pray for me and for all those who read this blog, that we may all be open to and cooperate with God's grace. May St Teresa intercede for us and help us attain union with God.

Happy feast day our holy mother Saint Teresa! 



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Kindred Spirit said...

Happy feast day to you as well! May God bless you and Our Lady protect you.