Saturday, July 18, 2009

Carmelite apostolate - prayer and penance for souls

"The Carmelite apostolate is based on a fervent inner life that makes the soul powerful over the Heart of God. This power comes from the total gift of self, made as perfect as possible by means of the evangelical counsels. Carmelites are entirely devoted to Our Lord, sparing nothing in order to give to Him.

The first thing needed to move the Heart of God and help save souls is to become intimate with Him. This friendship makes one's prayer and penance powerful, and prayer and penance are the interior tools of the apostolate. 'As my whole yearning was, and still is, that, as He has so many enemies and so few friends, these last should be trusty ones, I determined to do the little that was in me - namely, to follow the evangelical counsels as perfectly as I could, and to see that these few nuns who are here should do the same, confiding in the great goodness of God, Who never fails to help those who resolve to forsake everything for His sake. As they are all that I have ever painted them as being in my desires, I hoped that their virtues would more than counteract my defects, and I should thus be able to give the lord some pleasure.' Pleasing Our Lord one becomes dear to His Heart; then prayer will really have power. '...And all of us, by busying ourselves in prayer for the champions of the Church, and for the preachers and theologians who defend her, should do everything we could to aid this Lord of mine Who is attacked with so much cruelty by those to whom He has shown so much good.'

So the tools of the Carmelite apostolate - prayer and penance - get their power from the soul's love for God."

-- The Way of Prayer by Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen, ocd


Anne said...

I like seeing prayer and penance described as tools. Interesting word choice, very fitting!

Anonymous said...

He encontrado este blog carmelitano, y queria decirte que podias poner un traductor en tu blog así lo podriamos leer con más facilidad los que no sabemos idiomas. Saludos

ocd sister said...

Ave María Purísima! Gracias por la sugerencia. He añadido el traductor a lo último del blog. Si tiene alguna dificultad le pido por caridad que me lo informe. Saludos a VR Madre Priora y la comunidad.

otra carmelita descalza

aspiring... said...

Praised be Jesus Christ and His most Holy Mother

I have the html code for a website-translator I received from a Portuguese writer - so we could communicate. If you'd like to install it and try it out, let me know. I can also give you the url for a multi-purpose translator. Neither are perfect; far from it. But they're helpful in otherwise impossible circumstances. Using the translators, I've found that translating one direction, then in reverse back to my language, then modify, goes a long way in preventing translation mis-haps. Let me know if you're interested.

God bless you, and a good Sunday to you