Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Realize that your soul is the temple of God

"Separated from everything, I am asking the Holy Spirit to show you this presence of God within you that I spoke to you about. I have looked over some books for you that discuss this, but I would rather see you again before I give them to you. You can believe my doctrine, for it is not mine; if you read the Gospel of John, you will see over and over again that the Master insists on this commandment: ' Remain in me, and I in you.' and also that beautiful thought at the beginning of my letter, in which He speaks of making His home in us. Saint John, in his epistles, wants us to have 'fellowship' with the Holy Trinity; that word is so sweet, and it is so simple. It is enough - Saint Paul said this - it is enough to believe: God is spirit, and we approach Him through faith. Realize that your soul is the temple of God, it is again Saint Paul who says this; at every moment of the day and night the three Divine Persons are living within you. You do not possess the Sacred Humanity as you do when you receive Communion; but the Divinity, that essence the blessed adore in Heaven, is in your soul; there is a wholly adorable intimacy when you realize that; you are never alone again! If you'd prefer to think that God is close to you rather than within you, follow your attraction, as long as you live with Him."

-- Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity, ocd


Anne said...

So beautiful!

aspiring... said...

It's interesting to read this at this time.
In prayer, I typically bow before the Lord interiorly in my need of forgiveness, or in worship or praise or adoration or thanksgiving or in forgiveness.

A recent evolving prayer during this month of July is this. "I somewhat see and know the real presence of You, Lord, in the tabnercles of the holy altars. And in the tabernacles of souls... [the idea is] I pray to see and know more..." It occurred me to bow before His real presence in the tabneracles of the altars and in the tabernacles of souls... The idea was stunning. To bow before the Lord in other people...

Sidenote to anyone, will you join me in prayer on behalf of dynamics and marriage within my family?

Linda said...

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity should be a Saint already. Her writings so lift my spirit every time I read them. Thank you!

God bless,

ocd sister said...

If you read French, the critical edition of her complete works, published by éditions du Cerf, is fantastic. It is unfortunate that her works haven't been completely translated into English yet.

For those interested, a miracle involving both a physical and a spiritual component has been under investigation since about 2004. Let us all join in prayer that she may be elevated as a model of sanctity for the universal Church.

apiring, yes, I'll pray for your intention. Today I offered my Rosary for the needs and intentions of the readers of this blog.

Please pray for me. God bless!

Linda said...

Sister that is wonderful news about Bl. Elizabeth. The same is true for St. Magdalen de Pazzi, I wish there was more written in English.

Praying for all the Sisters,
In Carmel,

ocd sister said...

Dear Linda,

The complete works of St Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi were translated into English and published in 1969. You're in luck: We have just about every book there is in English about or by her in our library. I haven't read them all *yet* but I'm working my way through them *grin*. I'll see about posting some of her writings.

With gratitude for your prayers,

God bless!

Linda said...

That would be so awesome to learn more about St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi.
God bless you,
I have searched the internet over and over again for more of her writings. I did find one book Selected Revelations by the classic of Western Spirituality, but I would really love to find some from ICS that is more reputable. Are there any yet?