Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prayer - the language of the interior life

“The language of the interior life, which is another name for the spiritual journey, is prayer. In the depths of prayer we commune most profoundly with God, and prayer links us to God and others in extraordinary ways. Communication in prayer has many modes, the most basic which are adoration, praise, contrition, supplication and thanksgiving. These elements of prayer are at the heart of the interior life. Because the forces of prayer move us from the outskirts of our ego selves to the inroads of our true selves in Christ, it takes unwavering perseverance to stick with the work of honest, day-to-day prayer. However, with day-by-day graces from the Holy Spirit, prayer transforms us into a new life in Christ.”

n Carmel, Land of the Soul by Carolyn Humphreys, ocds

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