Friday, October 30, 2009

We are the laborers of the Father

"We must give ourselves; that is, we must bring forth from this interior sanctuary where we keep the best part of ourselves, some thoughts, chosen from among the best and most lofty, which, once they have gone forth from us, will become acts of love and words of life. We must firmly resolve to try to give our best, to do all the good we can. The unknown resources of strength, energy, and nobility lying within our depths must become the property of our brothers by a valiant effort and a generous surrender of our inmost personality.


God, in giving us life, assigns to each one of us a special task to do and a role in the fulfillment of His eternal plan. The important thing, then, above all, is to come to know this particular mission well, to discern the divine Will in our soul and in our life, and then to set ourselves to work, and to make of our entire life and death a means of salvation for ourselves and our brothers.

We are the divine Master's humble workmen, the laborers of the Father, and when the night shall come, we must be able to tell Him with cofidence that the harvest is ready and that the living Sun may now cause to grow the seeds that we have sown."

-- From Daily Thoughts by Elisabeth Leseur


Gabriella said...

This post of yours especially helped me in my meditation today :)

Thank you.

ocd sister said...

Welcome, Gabriella! I'm glad you liked the post. The writings of Elisabeth Leseur are excellent, especially for lay persons.

God bless you!