Thursday, October 29, 2009

The scourges of this present life may become means of sanctification

"It should be noted that Jesus does not exclude chastisements, for these may be necessary for the salvation of the world and of souls.

Jesus explained this thought on November 15th, 1935, during the economic crisis which gripped the world before the start of the war:
The distress which reigns in the world at the present time is not the work of My justice, but of My mercy. For fewer sins are being committed because money is scarce, and many more prayers are being raised to heaven by people in financial straits. Do not think that the sorrowful conditions on earth do not move Me; but I love souls; I wish them to be saved; and in order to achieve My end, I am constrained to be severe; but believe Me, I do it out of mercy! During times of abundance souls forget Me and are lost; in times of distress they turn to Me and save themselves. That is indeed the way it happens!

Note the luminous depth of these words which recall the divine instructions to the prophet Isaiah: 'Woe to the Assyrian, he is the rod and staff of My anger, and My indignation is in their hands.' And by the lips of Jeremiah, God spoke thus of Babylon: 'With you I will dash nations together, and with you I will destroy kingdoms.' This mystical concept of historic tragedies, which were brought about by heads of nations as mere tools in God's hands, does not lessen their responsibility for the evil they have done and for which they will have to render an account; nor does this prevent the omnipotence of God from having even human wickedness serve to carry out the designs of His Providence for eternal bliss. Thus the scourges of this present life, when accepted and patiently applied to one's own purification, may become means of sanctification and expiation.

And returning to the same thought later, again in response to Sister Consolata's prayers for peace, Our Lord declared on April 29th, 1942:
Pray, pray for humanity in order that I may mitigate these sorrows and save souls! If I permit so much sorrow in the world, it is for that one purpose, to save souls for eternity. The world is going to perdition, it is hastening to its ruin.

As with public disasters, so it is also with the misfortunes of families and individuals. Always, even in the most desperately sad cases when bewildered humanity is seeking for a reason, the reply from heaven is once again: Love, Goodness, the Mercy of God."

-- Jesus Appeals to the World: From the writings of Sr Consolata Betrone by Lorenzo Sales, IMC

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Wow...this was truly though provoking! It really sheds a new light on our very own situation today.