Friday, October 9, 2009

V. Thanksgiving

"'The thanksgiving,' says Father John of Jesus-Mary Aravalles, 'ought to grow out of the contemplation, so that there is no division or interruption between them.' Thanksgiving, therefore, is only the prolongation of the loving colloquy which forms part of the act of contemplation and should even, according to the author, increase its fervor. The soul gives thanks first of all for the graces which are related to the object of the meditation. Thus, for example, if one has been meditating on the Passion, one thanks God for the grace of Redemption and salvation. If one has been meditating on heaven, one thanks God for the hope of attaining it. The soul recalls also the other blessings received from God: its creation and the dignity of being a child of God; His gift of Jesus to us; the Incarnation, the Passion and other mysteries of the Word made Flesh; the Holy Eucharist; the gift of Mary our Mother; our predestination to Heaven; our religious vocation, etc...

The soul praises God for His goodness and takes delight in Him."

-- The Spirit and Prayer of Carmel by Fr François Jamart, ocd

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