Monday, January 31, 2011

True brotherhood is precious

How beautiful, how noble is a band of brothers, friends...
Friendship for a lifetime, for a life that never ends,
Dedicated to a much, much larger life than theirs,
To a world-Church that's open to everyone who shares
In the mystery of Communion, built on faith and always open
To the healing of whatever tears the fabric of our peace:

Peace transcendent! overcoming human failings and the hurts
That our kind cannot escape;
Brothers find a strategy to put things back in place,
In a band of honest brothers, a noble band of friends.

A brother you can go to when your heart is broken up
By the darkness of the conflicts that are mankind's sorry lot;
For counsel, and the quieting of passions surging up
Into jealousy or anger, which can only call us back
To the mercy of the Christ, and all that He has taught.
Brothers, friends to share your thoughts with, however late the day,
Mentors, soothers, insight-givers to guide you on the way.
How blest the man with brothers who can give you what you need!

A brotherhood of noble men and noble women too,
Grouped around a Virgin Mother, with sisters, fathers,
Sons and daughters, cousins, all who grew
Into the Vine of Jesus Christ, now risen from the dead,
Fathered in a Upper Room, all wrapped in silent prayer
For a "Paraclete" He promised--to watching, waiting trust
Until His living Spirit overcame them in a gust
Of wind and flame, and Gospel fervor, turning into faith and love,
Making that noble band into the Kingdom from above
Of light most blessed, love most simple,
Koinonia once and always for the ages that are coming...

That noble band of brothers bearing fruit of apostolic charity,
Springing from the root of Jesus, seed of Mary, shoot of Jesse;
Source of gifts that ever flow from the Pentecostal brotherhood,
That noble band of friends.

Ah brothers, how we miss you in our far-off mission land,
Your gifts of understanding, your hearty grasp of hand--
True brotherhood is precious, much more precious than it seems.
Thank you for your brotherhood, today and yesterday
And celebrate it always,
For the Son of God is Brother to us all along the way.

-- Brotherhood by Br Denis Read, ocd

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