Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cedar Tree

In the beginning, in the unbeginning
of endlessness and of eternity,
God saw this tree.
He saw these cedar branches bending low
under the full exhaustion of the snow.
And since He set no wind of day to rising,
this burden of beauty and this burden of cold,
whether the wood breaks or the branches hold
must be of His devising.

There is a cedar similarly decked
deep in the winter of my intellect
under the snow, the snow,
the scales of light its limitations tell.

I clasp this thought: from all eternity
God who is good looked down upon this tree
white in the weighted air,
and of another cedar reckoned well.
He knew how much each tree, each twig could bear.
He counted every snowflake as it fell.

-- The Cedar Tree by Sr Miriam of the Holy Spirit, ocd (better known as Jessica Powers, her lay name)


Anonymous said...!/lovepetitefleur
my tweets inspired by my little saint.
sister pray for me! That soon I'll be home in the cloister of carmel!

Erin-Thérèse said...

I love this.

Thank you for your wonderful blog.