Thursday, September 2, 2010

Memorial of St Brocard

"Brocard was born in Jerusalem. Inflamed with the desire to give himself entirely to God, he entered the Carmelite Order where he was conspicuous for holiness. Upon the death of St Berthold he was chosen by the unanimous vote of the brethren for the office of Prior General. In order to strengthen regular observance he petitioned the Patriarch Albert for a written rule. By this same blessed Albert, he was sent to Damascus to King Saladin, to arrange for a cessation of hostilities. After accomplishing this mission, he cured of leprosy the King's Viceroy whom he also converted to Christianity and brought back with him to Carmel. Famous for these and similar accomplishments, he was illustrious also for the power of miracles. One of these was the raising of a young man to life and then receiving him into the Order. At the age of eighty, when he was at the point of death, he exhorted his brethren to persevere in good works and form their lives after the pattern of Mary and Elias. Then he breathed forth his soul most piously to God.


Sanctify your servants, Lord, in their veneration of blessed Brocard, dweller on Mount Carmel. Humbly we ask that by the help of his intercession, our lives may everywhere be guided aright through all adversities. This we ask of you through our Lord."

-- From the 1966 Discalced Carmelite Proper

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