Friday, September 17, 2010

Memorial of St Albert of Jerusalem

"Albert, born of an illustrious family, was deprived of his parents in the flower of his youth. Fearing to be contaminated with the pitch of this world, he left it and entered the institute of Canons Regular. There he advanced to such a degree in the pursuit of letters and in reputation for sanctity that he was like a candelabra upon the Church of Milan. After a few years he was sought out to be the Bishop of Vercelli.

This dignity did not puff him up, but he remained, as before, humble in manners, sparing in food, chaste in body, generous in almsgiving, assiduous in the divine office, and most fervent in preaching. And by his example he led both clerics and laity to a more virtuous life. Then he sought for by the eastern clergy as Patriarch of Jerusalem. This burden he accepted unwillingly in obedience to the Supreme Pontiff. In this office he conducted himself with such great holiness that he was held in veneration not only by the Christians but even by the Saracens.

From the works of St Basil and of John, 44th Bishop of Jerusalem, he drew up a rule of life to be observed by the Carmelite Order to which he was united by the tenderest bonds of love. In addition, in his zeal for promoting Christian piety, he had monasteries built on Mount Carmel in the cities of Ptolemais, Tyre, Sarephta, Sidon, Tripoli, and Lebanon. Persecuted by the fury of impious men, he retired secretly and joined the hermits of Carmel where he was consoled by the visible appearance of Jesus Christ and was wonderfully strengthened by the presence of the Virgin Mother of God. Full of holy works, he breathed out his soul to God with a serene countenance, surrounded by his weeping brethren.


Lord, may the fullness of your blessing descend upon us. May you ever be appeased by the pleading of St Albert, your Bishop and Confessor. This we ask of you through out Lord."

-- From the 1966 Discalced Carmelite Proper

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