Sunday, August 8, 2010

The hidden dynamos of prayer

"Why are there monasteries and convents? Why do many young souls leave the lights and glamour of the world for the shades and shadows of the Cross where saints are made? The modern world so little understands their mission that, as soon as a newspaperman lhears of a handsome young woman entering a cloister, he telephones the parents to ask, "Was she disappointed in love?" The answer, of course, is, "Yes, with the love of the world. Shea has fallen in love with God." These hidden dynamos of prayer, the cloistered men and women, are doing more for our country than all its politicians, its labor leaders, its army and navy put together; they are atoning for the sins of us all. They are averting the just wrath of God, repairing the broken fences of those who sin and pray not, rebel and atone not. As ten just men would have saved Sodom and Gomorrah, so ten just saints can save a nation now. But so long as a citizenry is more impressed by what its cabinet does than by its chosen souls who are doing penance, the rebirth of the nation has not yet begun. The cloistered are the purest of patriots. They have not become less interested in the world since leaving it; indeed, they have become more interested in the world than ever before. But they are not concerned with whether it will buy and sell more; they care - and desparately care - whether it will be more virtuous and love God more."

-- Peace of Soul by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen 

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Karinann said...

If more people only realized the truth behind what Fulton Sheen has said. We all owe a prayer of thanks for all our cloistered religious.
Thanks for sharing these truth-filled words.
God bless!