Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memorial of St Pedro Poveda

"The ‘Work’ is Jesus Christ. He inspired it. He is its support, its life, its model, theory and practice. He is the system, the method. He is everything. With Jesus Christ as our model and our love, the members of our family will have an identical spiritual formation, and they will live united in Christ and through Christ, in whom we should all love one another. Your first concern should be to know the life of Jesus well. With this in view study the Gospel, doing ¡t with love and a pure intention, asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten you with a true and fruitful knowledge of Christ's life and doctrine. There you will find the prototype to imitate."

 -- From the writings of St Pedro Poveda

** Today we celebrate his memorial. To learn more about this saint of the carmelite family, please visit this site.

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