Friday, July 9, 2010

Memorial of Bl Joan Scopelli

"The virgin Joan Scopelli was born at Reggio in the province of Emilia, of respectable parents and from her infancy she gave abundant evidence of her future sanctity. While still a child she disciplined her body with penances and fasts. Remaining at home she took the Carmelite habit. Upon the death of her parents she betook herself to the home of a pious woman and formulated plans for a monastery of dedicated virgins where God could be served more freely. Overcoming the greatest difficulties, she brought this undertaking to a successful conclusion. Named superior of the new foundation, she showed herself an example of obedience, poverty, and all virtues. She recalled many from the snares of vices and worldly desires to the straight and narrow path of virtue. She is said to have been noted for the gifts of prophecy and miracles. At the precise time she had foretold to her sisters she fell asleep in the Lord on the ninth day of July in the year 1491. Her incorrupt body is held in the greatest veneration.


O God, you hear the petitions of all who call on you. You strengthened Blessed Joan Scopelli by the spirit of prayer and penance against the wiles of demons. Strengthen us also in that same spirit through her merits and her pleading for us. This we ask of you through out Lord."

-- From the 1966 Discalced Carmelite Proper

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