Thursday, May 6, 2010

The third order of the discalced carmel

"Ideal: the union of the soul and God, a union more intimate than that of the window and the ray, of the coal and the fire. Wondrous means: surrender of the soul to the action of God by prayer, 'holy meditations and contemplations,' in a word, Love and its pursuit, those are the spiritual arms of the Order of Carmel. Its motto is that of Saint Paul, 'Ambulate in dilectione' (walk in love). The child of Carmel 'knows only one means to reach perfection... Love'; nothing troubles him, nothing affrights him - nothing is wanting to him. God alone is sufficient for him. Following the beautiful programme of Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity, his life must be a continual communion, 'he awakes in Love - the whole day is lived in Love in doing the will of the Good God - then, when evening comes after a dialogue of love which has never ceased in his heart, surrendering to the fire of love which consumes all his faults and infidelities, he sleeps again in love' under the gaze of Our Lady, the sweetness and glory of Carmel' -- Rev Father Eliseus of the Nativity, ocd

-- Way of Perfection for the Laity by Fr Kevin, ocd

** Picture from Digital Catholic

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