Thursday, May 27, 2010

May my life be a prolonged "fiat"

I don't seek gifts or sweetness,
don't desire caresses or consolations,
not even that you draw back from me your veils:
I'm satisfied with the light of pure faith.

I don't ask that you plunge me in your science
for I love everything I believe and hope for.
I don't ask you for raptures; I only want
the ecstasy of love for obedience.

May my life be a prolonged "fiat"
that in ineffable and loving bonds
my will be knotted to yours,

until the longed for day arrives,
when I can sing between your arms
eternal "amen" and angelical "alleluia"...

-- Extasis by Inocencia of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (María Amelia Fé y Olivares), ocd
translated by ocdsister

** Sister Inocencia (1911-1975) was a discalced carmelite in the Carmel of Puzol (Valencia), Spain. Of benevolent and lively character, she died of glottic spasms after thyroid surgery. In case you don't know, the glottis is the space between your vocal chords. Sr Inocencia wrote this sonet in 1953, dedicating it to her fellow novices. Like St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Sr Inocencia entered Carmel at the age of 42 after having been teaching.

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