Saturday, April 24, 2010

We need to be working with God

"The working man and woman need help finding a deeper meaning for their labors. We need to be working with God, and John of the Cross shows us how to do this, daily. He does not pamper us, does nothing to feed the fires of envy or resentment; instead, he shows us how all the ups and downs of ordinary living are purifications of an all-too-human faith, that must be transformed into pure, naked searching for the God who is our Ransom and our Reward. We need to learn not to envy the rich, nor to be beholden to the powers of this world, but to take charge of our own feelings so as to turn them towards the imitation of Christ. He is our only Lord; all the rest of us are brothers and sisters, in the same human condition."

-- John of the Cross for carpenters: The ordinary way of the dark night of faith by Denis Read, ocd


aspiring... said...

Focusing on one point. We mustn't envy the rich because we mustn't envy at all. But, also, we mustn't envy the rich because they are often the poorest of all and in great need instead. That they have riches does not console. And that they often don't discern their poverty and state of need given their riches, makes them poor,er yet and in need of the same compassion and tenderness offered to any poor.

ocd sister said...


You're absolutely right. Sadly enough, I've met my share of very rich and/or accomplished people who feel empty and are in great need of a solid spiritual life, as well as a few good friends. We must pray for all, including those who seemingly have everything. We should be grateful for what the good Lord has given us and desire His love and mercy. The rest is an added bonus from His bounty.

I apologize for taking long publishing your other comments. I was away from the computer for 4 days -- a nice little break from all things unnecessary.

To the new followers, welcome to louange de sa gloire! I pray you find a little "food for the soul" in the daily postings.

Please pray for me.