Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coming soon: Flame of Joy

Many months ago, I made a post from the book Flame of Joy: Souvenirs, Autobiography, Letters of Marie-Angélique of Jesus of the Carmel of Pontoise. I had the book in my hand just one day and, thus, was not able to provide interested readers with more selections. But, praise God, today, feast of the great Marian St Louis Marie de Montfort, I've been able to secure 1 copy of this book. The price was obscene for anyone trying to imitate Christ's poverty, but it's spiritual value, "like-new" condition, and the rarity of this book took some of the guilt when placing the purchase. I expect to receive it in about 3 weeks and hope to make posts soon thereafter. If you read French, I found copies starting at $25 plus postage from Europe. 

Yvonne Bisiaux (1893-1919) was a famous pianist who entered the Carmel of Pontoise. Founded in 1605 by Bl Anne of St Bartholomew (holy mother's secretary, nurse and companion) and Bl Marie of the Incarnation (Madame Acarie), Pontoise was the second Carmel founded in France. Most of the buildings date from 1607-1610. Yvonne - Sr Marie-Angélique of Jesus - entered Carmel at the age of 21 and died 5 years later, leaving a testimony of radiant joy. Another famous pianist entered Carmel at 21 and died 5 years later: Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity (Elisabeth Catez 1900-1926) of the Carmel of Dijon.

A blessed day to all of you.

Please pray for me.

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