Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wish to be inflamed with a supreme love for You

“Ah, how great is your goodness my Jesus!  Although I have so deeply offended You, You still wish to clothe Yourself with human flesh, and to take on Yourself all my sins, in order to obtain their pardon for me.  I deserved to see You sitting in the tribunal of Divine Justice, as a judge angered against one capable of so many failings; and behold!  I find You, instead, in the bosom of Mary, a Savior full of indulgence for my sins.  O Lamb of God!  How efficacious the sweetness of Your love should be in softening the hardness of my heart!  I am more sorry for my sins than for any other evil.  I detest them with all my strength, because they are opposed to Your infinite bounty.  You deserve to be loved above any other good, O Divine Infant.  I wish to be inflamed with a supreme love for You, that I may have a true sorrow for my sins.  Deign to imprint on my heart such repentance that I may prefer to die rather than ever to offend You again.
            Holy Spirit, to You I have recourse; with the help of Your grace I firmly resolve never again to offend my Savior.” 

-- Bl Mary of the Angels, ocd

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