Saturday, January 9, 2010

Memorial of St Andrew Corsini

"Andrew was born at the beginning of the fourteenth century in Florence and entered the Carmelite Order there. He was elected provincial of Tuscany at the general chapter of Metz in 1348. He was made bishop of Fiesole on October 13, 1349, and gave the Church a wonderful example of love, apostolic zeal, prudence and love of the poor. He died on January 6, 1374."

-- From the Carmelite Proper Offices


Sing out with thankfulness Saint Andrew’s mighty deeds,
Trust in his fervent prayer for you are all his kin,
You who in faith and hope, hearts all with love aflame,
Seek fulfillment of endless life.

The saint was resolute, steadfast about his quest,
Knowing that earthly joy never could fill his heart;
Wealth, honors and high rank, compared with life in Christ,
Seemed more vanishing than the wind.

Like strongly growing tree planted in Carmel’s soil,
He persevered in prayer, fruitful in kindly deeds;
God gave him light to see how he could mirror Christ,
Serving others with constancy.

Adhering to the Cross, God’s servant soon became
Exemplary in life, wise, calm, mature in grace;
Set over other men; their profit was his care,
Their perfection his quest and aim.

Most Holy Trinity, hear his appeal for us,
That we may come to you when our life’s task is done;
There silence is your praise, there praise is melody,
Soaring, swelling while ages run.

-- Andreae meritis pangite gloriam

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