Friday, March 5, 2010

The Holy Shroud

"St. Francis De Sales was one of the Bishops who held the Holy Shroud when it was shown to the people during its Exposition in 1613. Because of the heat of the day the Archbishop of Turin warned St. Francis to be careful lest his sweat fall upon the Shroud. St. Francis De Sales refers to this incident in a letter to St. Jane Francis De Chantal, co-foundress with him  of the Nuns of the Visitation, and also deeply devoted to the Holy Shroud. "It occurred to me to tell him"' he wrote, "That Our Lord was not so dainty, and that He shed His Blood and sweat for no other purpose than to mix them with ours, and give them as the price of eternal life.

St. John Bosco (1815 - 1888) was another Saint deeply devoted to the Shroud. While a student at the nearby Franciscan School at Chieri, John Bosco, together with his companions, would walk to Turin on Sunday to visit the Chapel of the Holy Shroud before going to the Jesuit church to hear instructions on Christian Doctrine.

St. Pius X, during his holy pontificate, approved the Oeuvre St. Luc, founded by Emanuel Faure, for the sole purpose of promoting veneration of the image of Christ revealed by the photograph of the Holy Shroud. His Holiness called this "The True Image of the Holy Shroud"' and declared that it can be an effective means in meditating on the Passion and Death of the Divine Savior. He expressed the desire that it be held in veneration in all Christian families. To this end, he recommended it to all Bishops and Priests and gave a special blessing to all who would propagate the image and cult of the Shroud."

-- From the website Holy Face of Jesus

** Traditionally, the Holy Shroud is commemorated on the Friday after the second Sunday in Lent. This feast also has its own Mass.

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