Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We are in the arms of his mercy

"We are in his hands, we are in the arms of his mercy, what is there to fear?"

-- From the writings of Bl Mary the Angels
translated by ocdsister


ocd sister said...

Dear Readers,

Tonight, for the first time ever, I deleted a comment. I inspected the links provider by the "excited" reader/poster, and I was appalled with some of the things I saw. Please note that I will not tolerate any comments that even remotely insult the Catholic Faith. So far, I've had an open comment system and I'm most grateful to all readers who have been kind and respectful in their comments. Should offensive comments become more widespread, I will turn on the comment moderation feature. To the Seventh Day Adventist who posted the comment: This is a no insult, Catholic zone. I will pray for you, that the Lord may send His Holy Spirit upon you and enlighten your heart to the beauty and truth of the Catholic Faith. I invite all readers to do the same. Advent is a wonderful time for conversion as we prepare for the birth of the Little King of heaven and earth. Blessed Advent and God bless!

Unknown said...
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