Friday, December 18, 2009

The King is coming

"Something important is going to happen soon. The King is coming, He is at hand 'Come Lord and don't delay!' The Liturgy grows more and more urgent as we approach the great day.

I must answer this pressing and joyful invitation of the Lord with my life. It is joy that is to come yet it is already within us as we prepare to receive it.

Something great is going to happen soon, because Jesus comes at Christmas. Something great is going to happen soon within me, because I am going out to meet Christmas. 'The Lord is coming, go out to meet Him:' we have just sung this. I am going out to meet Christ to find Christ, and it will be something important, great, but the news of something infinitely greater, of the definitive meeting with Christ 'who will not delay.'

I am going to finish my rosary and ask our Blessed Lady to make Christmas a Christmas for everyone, especially for those who don't know why it is they are suffering."

-- At School with the Suffering Christ: The Diary of Canon Casimir Formaz by Fr Casimir Formaz

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