Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm never alone in that little inner sanctuary of my soul

"At the heart of Elizabeth's teaching is the need for stillness and silence, a silence of listening and openness to the still, small voice of the Spirit within. In an age of ever-increasing noise and activity, her teaching shines like a beacon of sanity and carries a message of hope. It is the message of God's love, of his presence in our lives, and of his invitation to intimacy. Most important of all, Elizabeth speaks out of her own experience, out of the lived reality of her own life. A young woman rich in human qualities, vibrant with the sensitivity of an artist and the courage of a soldier, she speaks words of wisdom and of common sense.

Once Elizabeth discovered, at the age of ten, that her name meant House of God, she was determined to make that house a home, where she would live as attentively as possible to the presence within. This presence became her joy. Though she lived only twenty-six years, it was enough for her to live with total intensity, both as a lay contemplative and as a Carmelite nun, the mystery of God's life that she shared through baptismo an age searching for meaning and identity, she tells of her own search and her own discovery: her thirst for the deeper reality within and the joy of finding, and surrendering to, love:  love is something infinite, she once wrote, and you can always go farther in infinity! (L 192).

Prophet of the presence of God, Elizabeth invites us to accept this gift of God and open our hearts to the reality within:

  • He is always there, although you don't feel it; He is waiting for you and wants to establish a 'wonderful communion' with you. (L 249)
  • Love ... dwells within us; and my only exercise is to enter within once again, to lose myself in Those who are there! (L 179)
  • I am asking God to give you a taste, too, of the sweetness of His Love and His presence: that is that transforms, what illumines life, it is the secret of happiness! (L 174)
  • In that little inner sanctuary [of my soul], ...I find Him at every hour of the day and night. I'm never alone: my Christ is always there praying in me, and I pray with Him. (L 123)"

-- Let Yourself be Loved: Elizabeth of the Trinity by Eugene McCaffrey, ocd

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