Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A cell for Jesus

"Jesus wants to come to you in the middle of the night. Get a cell ready for Him. This is what He wants:

He wants a small cell, very simple, very poor. A little bed; which signifies the virtue of silence. A mattress that is kept new by repeated acts of humility. A pillow, of charity. A blanket, of patience. Large curtains, spotlessly white, which signify the union which prevents the wind of temptation from causing charity to grow cold.

You also need a night-light for Jesus. The glass of it is faith and hope. The oil, continual prayer. The cork which floats is the love of God which raises the soul above earth. The wick is self-sacrificing devotion which forgets its own interests for the happiness of others. And lastly, the flame is obedience and purity of intention."
-- Bl Mary of Jesus Crucified, ocd (Mariam Baouardy)

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